Six months after laying down the first new-make spirit to mature quietly in casks, The Borders Distillery in Hawick has launched its very own barley-to-bottle gin: William Kerr’s Borders Gin (43% ABV) as a tribute to the Scottish Borders town’s talented, self-made nurseryman, gardener, botanist and plant hunter.

Bearing the Kerr Clan motto “Sero Sed Serio” (Late but in Earnest) on the bottle, the statement is a witty yet poignant reference to The Three Stills Company’s (owners of The Borders Distillery) hand in the renaissance of distilling in the Scottish Borders after an absence of over 180 years.

Produced from its own malt barley spirit and distilled from a specially-commissioned Carter Head Still, William Kerr’s Borders Gin effuses a delicate balance of several botanicals from near and far, including juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds, liquorice root and cassia bark.

After an initial light malt fruitiness, this nectar reveals bright citrus notes of lemon and orange and coriander seeds, combined with and a subtle spicy hint of liquorice.

“William Kerr was a man from humble origins whose love of plants helped shape the field of botany,” said Tim Carton, co-founder of The Borders Distillery.  “An avid explorer and plant collector of the early 19th century, his work spanned Indonesia, China, The Philippines and Sri Lanka, resulting in him shipping over 230 new specimens back to the United Kingdom.

“Unlike many gins we use our own spirit from beginning to end, resulting in a distinctive and delicious mouth-filling taste and texture.”

Keeping it simple and letting the gin do the talking, Kerr’s perfect-serve G&T features a slice or twist of orange. However, the four founders, including Tony Roberts, John Fordyce and the late great George Tait, have always insisted upon one rule only - enjoyment!

Since The Borders Distillery first spirit flowed from the stills on March 6th of this year, the team has been working closely with Heriot Watt University to explore new product development opportunities with innovation at the heart. Respecting the rules, but challenging the status quo, the founders live by their maxim of “Borders without Boundaries”.

William Kerr’s Borders Gin retails at £34 and is available to the UK on and off-trade via The Three Stills Company’s distribution partner Gordon & MacPhail Ltd. Commercial enquiries can be directed to Tony Roberts: tony.roberts@thethreestillscompany.com / +44 (0)7825 924702.

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About William Kerr
Hawick-born William Kerr was a 19th Century botanist who was commissioned to work at the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, London. In 1804 he travelled from his home in Hawick exploring the Indian subcontinent, the Orient and beyond. His work eventually contributed 238 new plants and botanicals to these islands, one of which, Kerria Japonica (a herbaceous shrub) was named in his honour.

About The Borders Distillery
When it opened its doors to the public on Tuesday 1st May 2018, The Borders Distillery in Hawick breathed new life into an industry that, in the Scottish Borders, had ceased to exist for nearly two centuries. After reaching its £10m funding milestone in November 2015, The Three Stills Company broke ground on the site on Commercial Road in November 2016 and, in just seventeen months, a distillery emerged that bridges Victorian engineering and modern-day technology, productivity and sustainability, international commercialisation and community spirit.

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