Online drinks delivery service, Drinkly, is harnessing the power of facial recognition technology to pre-determine what people should have to drink from their expression.

The Edinburgh tech start-up that quenches the thirsts of over 5,600 regular customers in Edinburgh and Glasgow, delivering chilled drinks door to door in under one hour, launches a new plug-in on their site today (Monday 1st April 2019) that will match a drink to your mood.

The enhanced facial expression recognition (FER) software, integrated on Drinkly.co.uk, uses biometric markers to detect umpteen expressions: the six universal ones (happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, fear and disgust) and a whole lot more including friskiness, humourlessness and foolishness. This algorithm is combined with an intelligent formula that takes into consideration your daily screen time average and various environmental factors: day of the week, time of day and weather forecast, to compute the drink best suited to your disposition in real-time. Returning customers will benefit from a hyper-personalised shopping experience as the FER software taps into account data to tell you what you want, what you really, really want.

John Robertson, founder and CEO of Drinkly, said: “Sometimes I just don’t know what I want [to drink] and this app removes all that time wasted procrastinating when your order could have been delivered by the time you got round to deciding – our average delivery time is just 31 minutes! This app can read your mood better than you can and we’ve road tested it on a number of people – hard to believe but there’s a lot of frisky fools out there who were delighted when their chilled mimosa pack arrived!”

With the Beta software now integrated onto the site, and available for customers to use, Drinkly is working on a collaboration with global tech leaders to tap into essential health data. Moving forward the FER software will also automatically compute users’ step count, nutrition, sleep pattern, heart rate and body temperature to delve into the deeper emotional states and drink cravings of its customers.

John added: “We want to get to the stage where our tech can read people’s minds by getting under the skin of what’s going on under our skin.”

The facial expression recognition software can be employed to ease your decision making directly on Drinkly’s website: www.drinkly.co.uk and to celebrate, Drinkly is offering free delivery on all orders through the app today, for one day only!

What are you in the mood for?

Steph MiddletonComment