About Us


Fairground is a consultancy that specialises in integrated PR and marketing solutions for businesses and brands

In 2008, we packed our trunks, said goodbye to the circus and hello to Fairground.  She was an intelligent elephant that Nellie - she realised that performing the same old tricks time and again brought little reward or satisfaction.  If you’ve seen it once…well, you know what we mean.

After many years’ service in the PR industry, Steph Middleton needed to stretch her legs and explore the wide wide world… she could see that a smart communications plan was not flat and one-dimensional like a piece of newspaper print.  It wasn’t just about the column inches and it wasn’t just about going through the motions.

We think life’s too short and precious to feel halfhearted about anything.  We want to feel exhilarated and enlivened by what we do, and we want our clients to enjoy the ride just as much.  We’ve had the real privilege of working for some incredibly talented and dynamic companies and individuals, who share our view on best practice in a culture of openness and fairness.